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Workshops & training

All our workshops aim towards improved leadership, increased collaboration, more joy, stronger businesses and hightened life quality. Measurable leadership development, support in creative processes or in times of change – or simply the chance to allow every employee to contribute fully.

Rewarding Leadership: Introduction

Rewarding Leadership™ is a toolbox for measurable leadership development. During this workshop we focus on the 5 questions, resulting in a clear picture of ... MORE

Four Rooms of Change

The Four Rooms of Change® provides a new and shared understanding of own and others' behaviour and responses in various situations. MORE

Open Space

Simply the most efficient method I'm aware of to unleash creativity and find answers to even the most complex questions. Maximum engagement, fantastic results! MORE

The road to an inspiring vision

What is your passion? What do you and your employees answer when this is asked? Maybe nobody remembers any longer? MORE



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