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Time for real positive change?

Welcome to a journey of development, with measurable goals, joy, inspiration, participation. Change that affects your bottom line, simply put.

1. Gather your management team

ledare.jpgI normally like to start by meeting the management team for half a day. My recommendation is often that this first session focuses on Rewarding Leadership™, a framework that helps identify improvement areas, their bottom line effect, and which specific leadership aspects have a direct influence on this. MORE

If the management team experiences recurring conflicts, locked positions, or other indications of a lacking "us", an introduction to the Four Rooms of Change could be the very first step to take.

2. Development and change

The following steps will vary depending on the outcome of the first step. Here are som examples.

Inspiring vision and values

If your vision or mission isn't second nature, they're probably to complicated or lifeless. This affects both the organiztion and its economic development negatively. MORE

Engagement in development issues

How do we grow our market share by 20% next year? How do we become one of the top places to work in within 3 years? Answers to these types of questions are rarely found only in the management team. Investing in a half or full day to engage the entire staff usually produces impressive results when the format used is Open space. MORE

Sustainable change

Resistance to the unknown is a healthy and natural instinctive reaction that has served humanity through the eons. This isn't initially a rational, logical, intellectual response, even though it may be logically justified as well. So to access the underlying barriers, we need other tools than logic. One of my own favorites is Problem Inversion, which helps secure successful and sustainable change.


Improved work climate, "us"


The Four Rooms of Change works well for the entire organization. Starting with the introduction, there is also the Organizational Barometer (assessment, identifying needs and ideas, creating action plans – an excellent alternative to a traditional employee survey), and the Personal Dialectics (understanding self in relationship to change). MORE

Healthy Leadership

Some specific leadership aspects were probably identified during the Rewarding Leadership session, e g clarity, trust, courage to grow, ability to delegate. Allt this feeds into individual and group development for the management team.

The development lifecycle

InnovationCircleOriginal2.jpgChange projects often fail because important steps and talents in the development lifecycle have been skipped. This can be understood and avoided using the Innovation Circle framework, combined with Open Space.

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