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Lars Hornborg


Rewarding leadership, sustainable change, healthy organizations!

Lars Hornborg has an unusual ability to engage people in various issues and forums. All this initially goes all ways at once, and one can't help wondering how anything useful can come out of this mess. And then, after group discussions, short presentations, voting with colored dots, the picture becomes clear.

The results? Specific, concrete action points and tasks that have emerged through Lars's filters, leading to efficient change regardless of organization.

Kåge Schildt, Chairman 2004-2014, The Swedish Automobile Sports Federation



CitatDuring his time at Osby kommun, Lars developed our IT department in a very positive way. Surveys conducted with a 12 month interval show increased trust in IT from the entire organization. 

Lars's leadership and personality have earned considerable trust in Osby kommun, both from politicians, employees and other collaboration partners.

Pia Lindvall Bengtsson
Acting Municipal Director, Osby kommun



This was my first experience of Open Space and I hope it wasn't the last time.

A very efficient and fun way to find great ideas!

Marie Gerrevall, lawyer 
Preses, Linnéakademin



Lars is a person with an exceptionally broad competence. He's structured, very easy to work with, and has a high ability to understand various issues, regardless of complexity.

During his time as consultant with us, he delivered high quality in a way that allowed change to happen efficiently and as intended.

Staffan LarssonStaffan Larsson
Municipal Director, Mörbylånga kommun



Leadership and development

All my assignments are about leadership, development and change in organizations and individuals. The roles vary: Sometimes manager för hire, sometimes change facilitator, or mentor, or coach, or workshop facilitator. MORE

International Leadership work

Conscious Leadership Coaching is an international partnership offering development of healthy leadership and healthy organizations worldwide. Lars Hornborg is a founding partner. 

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Workshops for lasting results

Four rooms of change® to assess your organization, find a common vocabulary, develop your organization and succeed with sustainable change.
Rewarding Leadership™ – measurable leadership development for bottom line results!
Open Space helps you find answers and solutions to even the most complex questions.
Inspiring vision and values – in case you've forgotten.

News & Events

  • Development workshop at Vitalis conference (RUVeS)
  • Procurement support: New business system for Department of Environment & Health (Växjö municipality)
  • Organaization development: Four Rooms of Change (Swedish Church, Alvesta)
  • Training: Worskhop facilitation for internal facilitators (Växjö municipality)
  • Public sectori digitalization: training in requirements analysis (Växjö municipality)
  • Digitalisering i offentlig verksamhet: framtagning och genomförande av utbildning i behovsanalys (Växjö kommun)
  • Access to eHeath market for SME's (workshop)
  • Welfare technology for extended living in home environment (pilot study)
  • Rewarding Leadership at Innovationsdag Småland (conference)
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