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Four Rooms of Change

– a framework for change

FyrarummarenThe Four Rooms of Change® provides a new and shared understanding of own and others' behaviour and responses in various situations, for example in the face of change or when things just don't work as intended. Delegates also learn tools to better meet and handle blocks or differences that arise.

The result is a stronger "us", a shared vocabulary and a unifying roadmap.

 Step 1: Introduction to the Four Rooms of Change

This first step is a half-day introduction to the Four Rooms of Change, their characteristics, how we are affected by being in the respective rooms, how we can collaborate to get more of what we want and less of what we don't really want to have to experience.

Duration: ½ day

Step 2: The Organizational Barometer

The focus here is to

  • assess the organization
  • understand strengths and weaknesses
  • create action plans for improvement

Duration: 1 - 1½ day

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